Biosensors: The future of alcohol detection is NOW.

Biosensors, installed in the steering wheel, can detect if a driver has been drinking simply through touch.Sober Steering
Interlock: A simple, effective solution to prevent drunk driving.
If alcohol is detected above a pre-set limit, the vehicle is immobilized. The system resets itself within one minute so that a sober driver can take control.

Start engine.

Confirm sobriety by putting hand on sensor pad.

If alcohol level is OK, drive away normally. Retest while driving.

If alcohol level is above pre-set limit at start, vehicle is immobilized and dispatch is immediately alerted.

If alcohol is detected while driving after initial start, dispatch is alerted immediately but vehicle is NOT immobilized while moving.

Alerts: Instantly alerts dispatch when alcohol is detected.
Provide instant alerts to your dispatch when alcohol is detected by integrating Sober Steering with a GPS/fleet management system. Either use our simple, affordable system, or simply integrate with your existing fleet management system (don’t worry, we’ll show you how).

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