Technology To Stop Drunk Driving

Sober Steering's leaders,
John Carroll and Catherine Carroll.

Sober Steering is led by the daughter-father team of Catherine Carroll and John Carroll. Sober Steering develops advanced biosensor technology that non-invasively diagnoses the body's condition. Our first applications are automotive – technology to prevent drunk driving.

Next Generation Technology.

Sober Steering has developed the world's only touch based alcohol interlock. Upon ignition, a driver simply places a hand on our biosensor pad in the wheel, which detects alcohol by touch. If alcohol detected exceeds a pre-set limit, the vehicle is immobilized and an instant message sent to dispatch (or parents). Random retests ensure that the driver maintains sobriety while en route. Sober Steering's Zero Tolerance System is now available for select fleet vehicles.

Ground Breaking Science.

Our technology is built upon breakthrough scientific research – our advanced biosensors analyze the gases exuded from the skin to non-invasively diagnose the body’s condition. Our results debunk 40 years of existing research that claims it takes 40 minutes after initial ingestion of alcohol for transdermal sensors to detect ethanol at the palm of the hand. Our sensors have proven – both in the lab and as a commercial product – that we can detect alcohol at the palm of the hand in less than five minutes after initial ingestion. We design our biosensors to be accurate, rugged and inexpensive, making them ideal for practical application.

A Mission To Save Lives.

Our fundamental science is groundbreaking, and the technology we've built upon that science is, well... really cool; but, it is what we do with that technology that makes it meaningful. At Sober Steering, we develop technology to prevent drunk driving – we develop technology to save lives. Each year in North America, drunk driving 1) kills over 12,000 people 2) costs taxpayers billions in police, judicial and healthcare expenses, and 3) remains the #1 killer of people under 25. Governments, safety organizations, fleet managers and car manufacturers are actively seeking technologies to prevent drunk driving. Our mission is to develop practical, sensor-based solutions that meet industry needs and, finally, put an end to drunk driving.

An Expansive Future.

Sober Steering is a Sensor Diagnostics, Inc. ("Sensor Diagnostics") Company. Sensor Diagnostics is an investment vehicle that currently holds 100% ownership of Sober Steering Sensors Canada, Inc., an operating company located in Waterloo, Ontario. Sensor Diagnostics is supported financially and strategically by investments from the Canadian federal government, the government of Ontario, and a well recognized group of successful entrepreneurs and angel investors.

In addition to Sober Steering, Sensor Diagnostics has developed TDM Fleet Management, a complementary product designed specifically for the school bus industry. Sensor Diagnostics aims to expand non-invasive biosensor development to include wearable devices, drug detection and, eventually, medical diagnostic devices.